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The Day I wax poetic about gift cards

Guys! I just got my Amazon order and I am so excited!!! So next month is my sister’s birthday. She and I have this tradition where we give each other Amazon gift cards for our birthdays since we both love Amazon so much. (In addition to all of the other birthday gifts we spoil each other with as well.) Normally I purchase all of my gift cards at my grocery store since I can get double points off of gas, but my favorite grocery store doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards any more (seriously, what’s up with that??!!). Instead of going store to store to locate one, I just ordered one off of Amazon. And it came today!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “What’s so exciting about getting a gift card in the mail?” Glad you asked. Not only did I get the Amazon gift card but it came in this tiny gift box that actually looks like an Amazon shipping box. The flaps are magnetic and it even has the iconic Amazon smile on it! It is so dang cute! I know my description isn’t doing it justice so go to Amazon and take a peek if you’re curious. Or, maybe you already know about this adorable gift card box and I’m a little late to the party (wouldn’t be the first time). I just know my sister is going to love it! Yay!!!

I think for my sister’s birthday this is going to be the year of gift cards. Now I know a lot of people think that gift cards are impersonal and unimaginative. And I think that’s true to a point. If you’re at a cash register and just pick up the first gift card you see so you don’t have to think about it any more, well that’s a crappy gift. But if you know what the person likes and buy accordingly then gift cards are actually awesome!

Story time #1: One time someone gave me a Groupon gift card. In my head I was like, Groupon? What the heck is Groupon?! I had to Google it just to see what it was. Needless to say I never used the gift card and I think I lost it. Well, I didn’t lose it exactly. It has to be somewhere in my house. It’s probably hanging out with all of my lost socks, hair ties, and pen caps (am I the only one who loses pen caps like crazy??) And that’s not to say I wasn’t grateful. Someone could pick a dandelion from my front yard, give it to me, and I would be grateful (mostly because that would be one less dandelion in my yard but also because it’s the thought that counts). I just think that if someone doesn’t know someone well enough to give them a gift card that they know they would love and use, then they don’t know them well enough and shouldn’t be buying them a gift at all. Just telling them Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc… is good enough. No gifts required.

Story time #2: At this one place I worked (I hated it but I stuck with it for a while) we did Secret Santa with a $25 gift. I was dreading it because I felt like I didn’t know those people well enough to buy them anything that I thought they would truly enjoy (go back to the end of Story time #1). Well, when it came time to pick names I got my own. And I didn’t tell anyone. Think of The Office and that one Christmas episode where Kevin got his own name, didn’t tell anyone either, and bought himself the foot bath machine thing he really wanted. That was me. I bought myself a $25 Amazon gift card, wrapped it up, and “surprised” myself at the holiday party. Now I know some people would think that I was being a ‘bah humbug-er’ (I wrote hamburger three times just now until I got it right!). But those people in that office kind of sucked. (Side note - just to explain how much those people sucked, the company stocked the refrigerator full of bottles of water that anyone could take. Someone went in there, opened up and spit into every bottle, then twisted the caps back on and put them back in the fridge. She was only caught because there were video cameras everywhere. I’m just thankful that I always brought my refillable water bottle from home and didn’t drink any contaminated bottles!) At the holiday party, two people “forgot” about Secret Santa and the people they were supposed to buy gifts for never got anything, one person just gave $10 to her gift recipient and said that would have to be enough because she didn’t want to give more, and this other person gave a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels. So, I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t exactly embracing the spirit of giving at the office that year. And the thing is I didn’t want to take part from the get-go. But, by not taking part I wouldn’t have been considered a team player. Really, it was a no win situation I was in. Getting my own name and giving myself something I truly loved rectified the situation. So I might have been a bah humbug-er, but I was a happy bah humbug-er with a $25 Amazon gift card.

So, back to my sister. Besides Amazon, I’m also giving her gift cards for Home Depot (I never realized how awesome Home Depot is until I became a homeowner), Victoria Secret, Ulta, and Chickfila. All of which I know she will love and use. I’ll probably also throw in a snack treat or two that will act in place of a piece of birthday cake. Oh! And the next time I’m at the grocery store I need to remember to pick up a pack of those strawberry mints she loves so much. Yeah… we tend to spoil each other for our birthdays.

So the bullet points for this post: I love my sister, I hate office Secret Santa, gift cards rock if you educate yourself before buying, and, honestly, I’m still kind of confused what Groupon is. (It has “group” in it’s title so does that mean I have to do something with other people? Like strangers??)


6:15 p.m. - 2020-10-27


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